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ElastoWit Retro SF, POTA Astronaut, 18th Century Scarecrow Figures, Miss Liberty And The Beast

    ElastoWit certainly fills a few SF gaps, including Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers and Planet of the Apes. The astronaut with backpack could be George Taylor or one of his offsiders before the local savages pinched their outfits.  Miss Liberty was a comic book hero who fought for American liberty. The imposing 'beast' is a creature from European folk law and makes a nice werewolf for a number of fantasy scenarios. He holds a couple of limbs in his hands and a head lays on the ground. One of those dismembered limbs still holds a knife, apparently ineffective against The Beast.                                  I have long since forgotten (if I ever understood, as I was very young when I watched the series) the Scarecrow characters and I have not attempted to paint their clothes in keeping with the series. These will just be generic 18th century figures. I shall also be getting the figures wearing the scarecrow hoods and some will be used in my Wizard of Ozzz wars.   I am a fan of

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