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Traditional Toy Soldier Cavalry Material

 I just received 21 home castings of Britains cavalry. I was a little disappointed that none were originals but for $20 plus $15 postage I can't complain. Nearly half also have a horse leg missing, something fixable but fiddly. The absence of heads does not worry me as I have quite a few spare ones. Drilling out the necks and adding heads is the easiest part. Some missing tails are also easily fixed with wire and putty. I just need to decide what units I am going to make. There are some British units I'd like to do although I already have plenty of Horse Guards. French or Prussian are some of the other options, or what about Bolivians? Or I could do something completely fictitious. I might also mix and match with other figures I already have painted or I am working on. Those are my Crussian/Russian forces in the cabinet underneath. At the moment it is icy cold in my workshop area and it takes a long time to warm it up. Also m doc tells me I have a flu virus although it is well

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