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Old Hollowcast Mass Purchase Of Damaged Toy Soldiers

 I bought these recently. The seller wanted three times what I gave him, which was $50 Aus. I think even that price was a little generous to him. They have little collectible value as most are extensively damaged. The exceptions are the three plastic Britains Detail knights and a handful of the hollowcasts.   Below: headless and armless cowboy, headless and footless piper Below: Britains cavalry and cowboy. Fixing horses with missing legs takes time and is messy. I love the Indian who should be making a parting shot but has been severed from his lower half. I might fix him eventually but it will take a lot of work.   Figures missing arms and heads are easily fixed. Here is a Britains Guard and two other smaller figures, apparently sailors, with no brand. I like these figures and it would not take much to fix them. Someone might be able to tell me what the two right hand figures are. One looks like a sea captain. The outer one has a military style peaked cap but is in casual pose with c

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