ACOTS 2017

This year's convention was hosted by Alan in Melbourne and we celebrated thirty years of ACOTS. Brenton, Bob and myself, as the three who have attended every one of these conventions, gave speeches Saturday night at the local Greek restaurant. Alan generously paid for every one's meal!

The Friday was, as usual a 'good' one as we had the swap meet with many figures and cash changing hands. (I'll review my acquisitions in a later post).

I brought some 800 of my painted 54mm medievals for the games and Palmersaurus brought his ECW army. Steve umpired the medieval with some simplified version of my usual rules and Palmersaurus umpired the ECW game. (I managed to win a demo game and then to lose three of the games that counted with some very unlucky dice rolls and initiative rolls leading to wholesale massacre in the bigger medieval game against Gary).

Below re some photos of the games. The medieval games did not take place in a lake - we just did not have a green cloth. The medieval are all mine and the ECW figures are all Palmersaurus's. The scenery mostly belongs to Alan. I love the building mde from individual bricks! The hut is mine and made from a haystack.

                                         Restaurant speech night.

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