Dark Elves Lose A Battle!

 Today I took the Ozzzralite side and defeated the Dark Elves. I thought I had made the Dark Elves too powerful but concentrated musketry brought them down. 

BELOW: My Quadling forces of my left flank were among the first on the field of battle. Defensive lines were set. In the distance can be seen Dark Elf cavalry.

Dark Elf Wyches get close enough to charge the Quadling cavalry. They had just wiped out the scarecrows. The Wyches are so fast and ferocious and usually have two edged weapons that they get two attacks each. Like most Dark Elves they always go first in combat unless they have been attacked on the flank or rear. The Medusa is particularly nasty and before combat even begins any enemy in base to base must take an initiative test; if failed they turn to stone.
Meanwhile, on the other flank, my munchkin cavalry form a line to fire carbines at the approaching Cold One cavalry. Despite the Wizard casting a Good Luck spell to reroll failed hits the munchkins have limited success. The Cold ones 2+ D6 save was reduced to 3+ by firearms and it still did its job.
 The arrival f the bad witch's army stalled after she had second thoughts but after a few moves they did join the defence.

 On the left flank the Manitcore ripped through the Ozzz skeleton warriors and the Giant Eagle mounted by a Munchkin. However, this gave time for the Quadling infantry to form some formidable battle lines before they shot the Manticore to death.
When the Eagle lost its rider it became even more ferocious and fought to the death.
                        The wyches received an artillery shell which reduced the Winkie Guard charged them. The wyches, after an unsuccessful melee, retreated; this included the slithering Medusa.
                                    The Dark Elf general makes a discreet retreat over the river.

                                                                     'Ready, aim fire!'
                                                                          My right flank
                  Munchkin and witch forces are faced with Dark Elf cavalry and archers.
                                  My forces withdraw behind cover to avoid enemy archers.
          The center is left open for columns of my forces to pour in to outflank the Dark Elves.
              The left flank is left in stalemate but those Dark Elves, in the foreground are about to be flanked from the column on the other side of the forest.

Conclusion: Unlike in other games the Dark Elves superior close combat ability was less catastrophic for Ozzz. Ozzz sacrificed some unit but the enemy monsters were then vulnerable from lines of musket armed soldiers. The Cold Ones, the Hydra and the manticore all fell to musketry.

Mat lost one of his two commanders when he was attached to a Cold One unit. Consequently, that part of his army reserves commanded by that general was plagued with lack of leadership and new orders, so stayed in place for six moves.

Our next game in a week or two will be an American Civil War game. You are not going to want to miss this!


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