The May Workbench

 Here are some of my current projects. I am being a bit lazy here as I am combining them into one post.

The flag bearer is made from a BMC Spanish American War American. I replaced the original flag with a metal rod and soft drink can metal. The part where the metal folds over has putty added to hide the seam. I had to cut off a hand and replace with putty. A water bottle from putty was also added. The hat was damaged when I was drilling so more putty filled the damaged brim.

I recently bought some second hand Italeri Mongols that had been undercoated with grey spray. The person obviously didn't know much about what he was doing as he did it while the figures wee still on the sprue and left other bits of small sprue still attached, This meant the figure had to be cut from the sprue causing an incomplete seal on the undercoat which ad already shed some paint on the horses' legs.
I prefer to undercoat figures myself as I use a clear car plastic undercoat and then a Games Workshop spray over that. I am hoping the overcoats will keep the paint intact.
Here is the downloaded paper flag which I'll glue with PVA to the metal once I undercoat the figure. The reason why the flag is unfamiliar is it is fictional and I'll use it to represent the Confederacy at the end of the 19th century after it wins the First War For Southern Independence. 

The other figures for this regiment will be from the AIP Spanish set and they will be used for both Spanish Civil Guard in the Spanish colonies and later period Confederates. The Civil Guard wore grey uniforms with red cuffs and collars. This was a uniform different from the white  uniforms with blue pin stripes. So all I'll do is switch over flag bearers. I could have just arranged to have the flag removable and replaceable with another but this would be instable and probably damage the paint on the figure. I might add numbers to the central star to indicate regiments.

As the Confederate version I may use them as guard units as the Spanish versions were elite units.
Back to the Mongols I am using a bright color scheme with predominant yellows and purples plus red armor. The armor was painted a dark red brown followed by dry a GW flesh wash and then dry brushing with dark and then a brighter red. The horses also got a flesh and a brown wash. These figures will join my existing units of Mongols. I am aiming for units of fourteen.
       Natal Mounted Police Zulu War conversion underway, a BMC US cavalry figure with metal pith helmet head.
The drummer conversion painted and joining my Fezian regiment: the base will be flocked in similar style,


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