People Of The World Painting Progressing And Happy Discovery

I bit off a lot to paint and I might not put my usual exactitude into this but I did notice some interesting things.

First off many of the figures have child-like proportions - or dwarf ones! So there is a potential supply of Dwarf or Munchkin civilians.

But wait, there is more! The 'North Korean' in strange 'top hat' is smoking a pipe which could pass as a musical instrument so there is a musician for a dwarf regiment! I'll paint him as a redhead with a metal hat. I might add a shield and weapon.

                    Below: Cuban dancer with her 'enhancements'. Also the 'JAVA' dancer is at right. (Interesting - I assume it was not called Indonesia at the time).
                                                                         'North Koreans'

Stereotyped figures? Well they are in 'national costume'. What point would there be if all were in Western suits or tee-shirts and jeans? Anyhow, that would be cultural appropriation! Hahaha!

The figures themselves are not fantastic, with weird or cut off feet etcetera. Yet they have a 'certain charm'.


  1. Some were made by a company called Van Brode, others by Commonwealth, and similar figures by a French company, Codec.

  2. What products did they come with? It is interesting that 3 companies did them with so similar style.


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