Projects On Hold Even As New Ones Present Themselves And Watching DVDs.

 I don't usually mention my health as it is usually reasonable and even when not probably not all that interesting. However I caught a bad cold from my daughter (the first cold or virus in eight years). To top that off I reignited a lower back issue when I moved her stuff back here a month ago. This led to sciatic issues making it increasingly uncomfortable to walk or stand. I can still swim fine but with reduced kick. But that is not all - for some reason I got muscle pain in the right arm.

I saw the doc and the physiotherapist and got exercises to do but they are a little difficult given the level of pain. I'll be seeing them again Monday. The Physio thinks it is hip related and if only I had spent more time groveling in the dirt and going bare foot instead of sitting on chairs. It seems like the primitives had a point although they might have collected some other germ issues. I can't see how it is hip related when my CT scan suggested no problem there and why the arm pain?

Anyhow all these health issues are killing my hobbies although Winter was already limiting them; the War Rooms get cold at this time of year and the increased hours of darkness are a bummer as I like to paint under natural light. Shifting all my painting stuff into other places in the house is too daunting. However, I did get my daughter to collect some Reichland Flesh Wash from the local Games Workshop so I have good intentions... Adding that to my premium figures would probably be easier than trying to clean the floors...

One 'bonus' is I don't feel like eating, probably because of all the pain killers. I want to lose a few kilos anyway.

I might also be cancelling the coming Sunday wargame. The figures for Aztecs versus 1900 era 'Amerigans' are on the table ready to go. I might take some pics tomorrow. My money is on the Amerigans but one never knows when the enemy has a sorcerer and a triceratops.

So back to projects. I received some very cool gold plastic figures that are basically human barbarian/SF types that will make great Red Martians. I got these from the owner of the Fantasy blog site; he is selling off part of his collection.  Eventually I'll paint sky ships of some kind for them but probably just small four man ones converted from commercial toys, such as Ben Ten, I have picked up from op shops. I also got more metal figures off Ebay, a mix of solid home castings and battered originals. These include some US sailors, something I have been wanting to add to in my collection. It is the first time I have had Britains ones although I have a few Marx ones.

When(?) I get a bit better I'll post pics.

Anyway I have managed to do some 'worthwhile' things. So I'm writing this ain't I? I also managed to finish a commission art job for a business customer and did so despite the arm bugging me. I have also started reading the wargame book, 'Black Powder'. My GW shop owner pal, Ken, lent it to me and also an ACW rules book. Reading that much composed solely of rules is a little daunting for me but I see there are some good ideas in it. I am just not one to lose too much sleep over 'frontages' and that kind of thing. Also when my toy soldiers 'die' they don't just get a 'marker', whether rubber o ring  or even a casualty figure. They get taken off unless they are strong creatures or heroes when they might just suffer wounds. I also like my rules condensed into 2 pages.

The other thing is I watched some DVDs I picked up at the Sunday market. One was the Great and Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I give that a cool rating which just freezes. I like how it is a prelude to Dorothy and tells the Wizard's story and done in black and white at the start. I really like those kind of characters who are rogues but eventually live up to hero status, and best of all, do it though trickery! It was a bit hard, though to see one of the most beautiful women in the world transform from a 'good witch' into a deformed and vicious creature despite getting a kiss form the wizard (before the transformation). I am not good at remembering actors' names but the lady I am thinking of is American of Ukrainian background and has some of the most beautiful peepers in history. Anyway, the Wizard gets with a different witch, Glinda, who he thinks is very 'good'.

One actor, unforgettable who I did see in another DVD movie was John Wayne. Yes, he is corny and wooden but he made some great movies as well some crap ones. I watched 'The Big Trail' or was it 'The Long Trail'? Wayne was in his 20s then and film was still black and white. The film is epic and includes some great footage such as wagons being hauled down sheer cliff faces. The way the film is broken up with old silent days words on the screen was a bit tedious. It was a propaganda piece for the bravery of the pioneers and the nastiness of the Redskins, although Wayne does have some lines where he pays tribute to them. There is no escaping that those pioneers were intrepid and the natives often hideously cruel but it was laid on a bit thick even for me.

If I was to pick my favorite Wayne movies it would be The Searchers, The Comancheros  and True Grit. I think Wayne got better with age.

Anyhow that is the end of my rambling. My daughter is making her own fil choice we are going to watch together.


  1. The best John Wayne films in my opinion are The Horse Soldiers, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, Rio Grande and the ultimate El Dorado the almost remake of Rio Bravo.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, take care.
    Alan Tradgardland


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