Workbench - Sailors, Dark Elves, Ancient Egyptians, Ozzz heavy Cavalry, Canadian Mounties Made Into Americans, People Of The World And Cuban Dancer Boob Job.

                             As usual I have a multitude of projects going on at the same time.

First up sailors: Left to right - 2 1950s made in Australia hard plastic sailors, hollowcast sailor marching, Charbens Churchill lookalike naval officer.

   People of the World premiums: These are mainly made in cream hard plastic but some are soft plastic. I never had these as a child but they go way back. I forget what product they came with. Someone might enlighten us. I am in the process of painting two sets, one for sale and one to keep.
                                     Hard plastic Mokarex horses and Technolog Elf archers
                                                 Ozzz Munchkin heavy cavalry conversions
                                            Jecsan mounties painted as 1900 era Americans
                                                                        Dark Elf Wyches
                             Supreme Egyptian, foreground and conversion from Red Indian, rear
                                             Cuban dancer and ancient Egyptian conversions. Oh dash it, I forgot the front view of the dancer. I'll include it in a future post.


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