Barsoom Versus Ozzz - Treachery From Ozzz's Evil Faction Dooms Defence

 Today Mat and I played our Ozzz versus Basoom wargame.

John Carter of Mars (Barsoom) discovered a portal back to 'Earth'. Having, in recent memory suffered a Blusian invasion the Martians demanded a preemptive strike against Blusia. There was one little problem. Instead the Martian force ended up in a parallel Earth and in Ozzz itself.

The Barsoom army did not realize they were not in Barsoom. John Carter did not recognize Blusia and attempted to explain the situation (as best he could). However it was too late as Ozzz forces fired on the invaders and the Barsoom leaders and men demanded that honor be settled.

Below: Barsoom forces advance.

Barsoom Red men.
Barsoom Green Men. Red swordsmen in front of them.
             Munchkin artillery, general and Tin men with tinkerer.
                     Gillikin and Winkie forces with Arella the Witch.
                           Gillikin shooters
                                                Barsoom flyer with John Carter a the helm.
                                               Mat prepares a reception for the Gillikins.
   The whole Gilikin and Winkie army decides to retreat off the battlefield, leaving the Wizard of Ozzz with his Munchkins, Quadlings and other good forces to do their best.
                            Great Eagle and Owl attack the enemy flying ship, to no avail.
                 The gap is crossable as Quadlings and Munchkins roll up one flank after Barsoom charges were halted with fire power. The Wizard's magic helped.
                           Barsoom Synthetic Men fight the scarecrows in the center. The latter had sent in their attack crows but eventually were friven off.
                                              Green men are about to enter the fray.
                               Munckin artillery did well until shot up be enemy radium rifles.

                                                    Tin Men driven off by Synthetic ones

                                             Munchkin cavalry dispute a table quarter claim.

                                                                      Munchkin general

                                                      Barsoom wildlife arrive too late for battle

                                                                     Quadling infantry

My Ozzz forces put up a good fight but obtained 8 points to Mat's 15 points. The loss of a third of the army from treachery doomed the defence. Nevertheless a good fight was made.


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