The Ozzz Civil War

 Yes, I know it is a bit of a misnomer as Ozzz is divided up into various kingdoms, but in theory, they all owe allegiance to The Great Ozzz (or Glinda lets him think that).

In any case the evil witches, Evora and Arella are in rebellion. They have assembled various beasts and plate armored infantry, as well as some more modern troops to attack the forces of Zororaster with his Munchkins and Glinda and her Quadlings.

For this Game Mat chose to be the Evil side and I thus commanded Good.


A one eared rabbit and a dog watch the battle. Most likely they are spies for the Wizard.

                              Glinda's elite grenadiers prepare a firing position, angled by a wood to prevent an enemy cannon targeting them.
                                 Cerberus led the Bad forces wolves into the attack but retreated from the scarecrows and Tin Men after defeat in the wood.
                                           The Evil forces included these well trained riflemen.
              The Gillikins, despite their small scale, packed some fire power. They lost their cannon crew before they could do any damage to Glinda's forces.

                            The other Gillikin manned cannon killed the crew on my Quadling cannon.

To the left are the Good forces positions. The gap where you can see the stool is designated a lake.
                             Plate armored evil forces get perilously close to the Wizard's grenadiers. He casts a bad luck spell on the enemy.
              Fighting in the central woods as scarecrows and Tin Men drive off the wolves but the scarecrows are pushed back by the skeleton column before the Tin Men rejoin battle and destroy the skeletons.
                                                Evil cavalry are destroyed by my cannons.

                Evil Gillikins mounted on small spiders and lions enter the cave system.
    My Munchkin artillery.

                                                     My Quadling forces on my left flank.
                                                                          Munchkin cavalry
                                                My position on my left flank was strong.
                The Evil side sent in its rifle regiment which began to take a toll on my forces, especially when the Bad witch came in range to send her fire balls.


Each side had two generals and two witches or a witch and a wizard. The Good witch and wizard's magic was mostly defensive but Glinda used her transport spell to send a Gillikin regiment to drown in the lake!

The evil forces included two units of skeleton warriors and a number of plate armored units that had no ranged weapons. They also had a unit of dire wolves a unit of dire lions and a giant. There were also small Gillikins, some that rode spiders. Whilst the evil side had two cannons the Good side had three.
The Evil side was slightly more numerous than the Good. They were also mostly great in combat.

The Good forces included Quadling and Munchkin forces mostly armed with flintlock muskets.


On Mat's right he sent his spider mounted Gillikins and dire lions into the hills until my shooting made him change course and enter the cave complex. later, the spiders emerged on my left flank but insufficiently strong to pose a threat. Mat sent a skeleton regiment and his wolves into the forest and were met by my scarecrows and Tin Men who eventually drove them off.

On Mat's left flank he sent a very strong force forward. These were plate armored and sustained heavy casualties from the Wizard's elite Munckin grenadiers and less so from the militias, and also from artillery fire. Zororaster cast spells to enable re-rolls of missed shots and to cast bad luck on the enemy. However, eventually the plate armored Winkies charged in and killed the cannoneers and drove off the Munchkin grenadiers. Slowly they were turning my right wing. Then the 'Cowardly lion' charged the witch, killing her although she wounded the lion. The lion then was killed by her men.

On my left flank the other bad witch was firebombing my troops, dangerously depleting their numbers and eventually destroying the Quadling grenadiers. As for Glinda. one of her spells misfired and a catastrophic result blew out her brains. The wizard, Zoroaster, had also fled with his Munchkin artillery men.

All was not lost for even as my armies withdrew into a defensive position my giant eagle and owl were creating mischief. They destroyed the remaining enemy gun crew and then the Eagle charged the remaining bad witch, clawing her to death with its talons. The Winkie riflemen were also decimated and retreating.

My scarecrows moved into the vacated enemy left quarter and the owl moved into the enemy right quarter. The result was that when the game ended at the close of mover 12 I was the only side with a unit in the enemy's left quarter. all other quarters were in dispute. This gave me a technical victory as victory conditions were based on holding, uncontested table quarters. However, the way Mat had rolled up my right flank gave him the spirit of one. Both of us had seriously depleted armies and all magicians were dead. Mat had also lost one of his generals but the general was replaced in a couple of moves.

As I recently was given some Warhammer goblin and dwarf figures by my friend Zach I decided to incorporate some of the goblins and a dwarf cannon in the game even though they are of a smaller scale. The Gillikins were of small size so I just said these were especially small Gillikins.


The next game will be a replay where Mat and I change sides.


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