Chaos Wins Over Undead In Climactic, Dramatic Battle

 Mat and I had our final Undead versus Chaos battle today. I had the Chaos army. Frankly, given some recent buffs to the Undead I did not expect my army to triumph.

Below: The Chaos manticore and its rider sit atop the Undead tower.

          The Demon Prince takes on all comers, protected by his lethal Burning Cloak.
                      Towards the end of the battle the Demon Lord killed the Vampire Lord.

                                  Tye Terrorgheist was lethal but fell once the Vampire Lord had died.
    The Bone Giant killed many Chaos warriors until finally destroyed by the Demon Prince.

               The Bone Triceratops guards the bridge but was killed by a Hillman column.
                                                         Hillmen unable to cross the river
               Chaos trolls and the hero, Skulltaker, club and dice through the Grave Guard but eventually they all die when more Undead warriors join the battle.
   The pesky Spirit Host hold up the manticore but the rider's magic sword eventually trims them down until the winged Bloodletters arrive to use their rank bonus to win..

                                 Chaos forces have destroyed the Undead on this flank.

The battle went quite differently from last battle. Winged Chaos forces crossed the river from my right side to lay into the skeleton archers and mummies. The mummies magic of mesmerism had not affected the Bloodletters.

The forces of the Undead began to prevail on my left side and center, aided by the Bone Giant and successful magic from the Vampire Lord.

As my left flank began to crumble my Demon Prince charged the Vampire Lord. The princes' Burning Cloak caused damage to those in base to base contact. The Vampire Lord was killed. As the other magical Undead leader, the necromancer, was also dead the Undead began to crumble.

Then my Demon prince was slain but the result was much less catastrophic as it was for the Undead. The Hillmen with two handed axes charged into the skeleton warriors and destoyed them,

After 11 moves the Undead had been reduced to a handful.


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