Mystery Projects Ahead Involving West Point Cadet And Skeleton Figures


I say these are mystery projects as they are still a mystery to me!

Earlier in the year I ordered the Marx repro West Point Cadets, thinking they were the taller scale version. (Why did Marx do them in two scales?) I wanted to fill in some gaps in my existing taller West Point unit.

Recently I saw these smaller ones, on Face Book, painted in red and blue as Columbian Palace Guard. Well, I thought, I could paint them as such and also use them as imagi-nations troops. After undercoating them I again looked at my picture reference and discovered that, unlike the WPCs the palace guard do not have tailed coats. Oh well. I like the color scheme and they can be late 19th century to 20th century Beersteiners, or maybe Gerolsteiners etc.

The annoying thing is I ended up with several officers. I am thinking of converting them to rank and file - a fiddly process to replace the sword arm. Initially I thought I'd cut of the lower right arm and rebuilt it with wire and putty before adding a rifle made from wire and putty. Alternatively, I could remove the whole arm and replace with a spare metal arm - easier, I think.

  After playing fantasy games with Undead I had another look through some of my figures and found these skeleton warriors. What I don't like is that they are bendy. What I do like are the trumpets.

The dinosaur skeleton and the large human skull might be due for a weird, horrific combo. I saw something similar done on You Tube.

It is time to upgrade my mounted skeleton warriors The two knights will be among the first to be converted into Undead knights. I have something quite strange in mind (but then the whole premise of an Undead army is strange).


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