Beerstein Heavy Cavalry Near Completion

 Although my country of Beerstein is meant to be German it clearly has a British look. That is because red is a predominant color of Beerstein.

   The other thing is that these cavalry have aspects of both 17th century and 18th (of the 'real' world). There are no coat turn backs, so typical of the 18th century but the tricorne is an 18th century fashion. I added carbines and scabbards to some figures and need to add some more. I also have to chase up horses for some of the riders. The lone ECW looking figure is Prince August brand (Hey, great name for one of my characters!) with A Call to Arms head. This was my original intended look for the unit, until I found those great tricorne heads in my spares box.

     The figure on unpainted horse is another Prince August figure, one which had a flag and will be given a sword.

    By the way, I need to change that paint cleaner water!


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