Floor Damage

 This is a rather dreary post but I am just letting you know that the number of posts will dry up somewhat due to a minor, very wet domestic disaster.

  Two nights ago, my daughter woke me at 3AM to say she had run a bath but fallen asleep and that now the house was flooded!

 The bath had overflown through the kitchen and passageway and into the small dining room and loungeroom.

  The first two areas were fine because they are ceramic tiled. The other areas are 'floating floors', made of an interlocking synthetic wood with felt underlay.

  It took us an hour of soaking up the surface water with cardboard, bedding and towels. The bigger issue is the water is underneath the flooring. I was hoping this would just be at the edges but so far I haven't found an end to it.

 As someone who collects A LOT of stuff like books, ornaments, sketches and toy soldiers you might imagine there are a lot of bookshelves and cabinets to move. You'd be right. My back doesn't like it, but I haven't got much choice. I might replace the flooring with tiles, an expensive option but the king tide once hit ten or so years ago, from an overflowing washing machine and one floor destroying repeat is enough. or maybe the water hasn't spread that far, and I can just get the floor repaired.

  In any case, I can see what will be consuming my time, for the next month, at least. I'll still do the occasional figure painting and posts, just to keep my sanity.



  1. All you can do, Q, is to make the best of the situation. Use the event to redecorate the affected rooms with a resolute plan to create the environment you have always wanted. Sorry to hear about this.


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