'Aztec' Serpent And Transformer Transformed And Undercoated

  Sometime back I posted a pic of the dragon toy I picked up in an op shop. More recently I posted a pick of a transformer toy I also bought in an op shop.

 Today I took to them with a cheap spray undercoat. below is the can and also the robot's base which came off when I dropped it.

My land of Aztecia is such that I do not have to be historically correct, but this toy dragon did remind me of a statue of Quetzalcoatl in his serpent form.


Here is the transformer transformed with parts Super Glue in desired pose and gun from the spares box added to the left hand: I assume that robots are ambidextrous. I might yet replace the right hand with a giant buzz saw or claw if I can locate one.


Here is another view of the dragon. His eyes have been covered in plasticene and this will be removed when I finish painting as I quite liked the transparent look to them.

(Woolworths is NOT paying me for this free ad!)

THE CHANGES: The dragon had quite bit of clay filling. The Transformer had his missing chest covered with a car bonnet from a car kit and also a square etched piece from a necklace (costume piece from my deceased mother's jewelry box).

I am not 100% sure about color schemes. The black spray undercoat is designed to leave black recesses. I decided this cheap spray (about $5) as I had a large area to cover and didn't want to waste expensive Games Workshop sprays on such cheap models.

 I will probably dry brush the Transformer silver. Should I add corrosion or make it spick and span? The dragon I might paint a sand color. I could paint it any color really as it is for fantasy and if it was historical many of the ancients painted their monuments and statues in bright colors, but they come down to us with colors worn off.

I am getting 'a thing' for large robots although I never thought much of the Transformers; I mean transforming from a robot to a truck? Come on, that's just stupid! 

I wonder if I'll ever use these in a wargame? These tin men tower over my 54mm figures. They might just linger in my garage top shelves gathering spiders and cobwebs or I might stage a battle of the 'tin' Titans.


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