reversal of Fortunes As Confederates Reclaim Henderson's Farm


Mat and I played a rematch of our last ACW game. This time we each chose three additional units to add to our armies. 

Mat ended up with 6 infantry regiments to my five and two cavalry units to my three. We each had two gun batteries.

Mat lost the set-up dice roll and so he set up first. He had a gun battery on each flanks. I positioned three guns on my right flank and a single one on my left. I avoided positioning units directly in front of his battery facing me towards my left flank/middle. He was still able to find some targets, though. 

I did quite a bit of damage on Mat's left flank However a misfire exploded one gun in the battery and my single gun also blew up!

It became a war of attrition between the infantry units, which favored one side and then the other before it swung in favor of the Confederacy.

Down to the wire! For our ACW games cavalry are generally three figures per dice and infantry six. The single figure, unlike in our fantasy games, no longer had a die roll. However, another CSA cavalry unit awaited on the side to charge the remnant infantry. (So far it had refused to join the melee!)

       The Texan infantry move up to finish off a Federal unit, here already reduced to four figures.
The cavalry charge from my left flank. At one stage I forgot to charge, which meant the cavalry suffered some nasty volleys. They also, at one point, REFUSED to charge! Eventually they hit home, and some brutal melees ensued, with few survivors.
                                  The Confederate left flank deployment is in the distance.
                                                                    Henderson's duck
At the end the Union general was in danger of capture, the Union artillery was exposed, and the CSA infantry and cavalry were poised for a final strike. However, both sides were severely depleted.

  Unlike in most of our other games when a unit fails its leadership roll, brought on by more than 50% casualties, it is simply removed from the table.

 As the next fantasy campaign needs a lot of background work of making maps and calculating supplies and armies, we are playing these stand alone ACW games until the campaign is ready.


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