New Face-Book Sites

 I have found myself a member of several toy soldier sites on Face Book. My own older site, I have had for some time now, is 'Fantasy & SF Conversions & Wargames in 1/32' which is not exclusively fantasy and SF but emphasizes that genre. As it is also about imag-nations, alternative time-lines, portals etc. any historical figures are also shown.

  The new sites are a group and a profile called Oz Toy Soldiers and are intended to have a very broad scope of traditional, modern toy soldiers, scale models and wargames. As we are based in Australia it is titled 'Oz' however we are not parochial or insular and so do not exclude international members. The sites are growing rapidly with the profile of that name already around 500 people. People are also welcome to sell their old figures, tanks and so on the site and concluding details in Messenger.

  Some 'anonymous' person on the ACOTS FB site felt it necessary to say my Oz site is not the 'real' ACOTS site, but this claim has never been made by me. Also, apparently, I had been 'rude' to someone and so making myself an 'ex'-member of ACOTS. The reverse was the case, but that group's dynamics are an endless source of amusement as there is no system to exclude a member, especially a founding one, other than to kick him off the FB page by the individual who runs that and a good dose of social manipulation. But, for me, it is all dead wood now which I am busily burning.

  As a reminder, there is a 'follow' button for this blog, so you are welcome to join it to get regular updates.

  Below are some pictures from my previous fantasy campaign. Most of the wagons are converted from cheap cowboy wagons. The looming new campaign has the most advanced nations entering 18th century levels of technology but with options for earlier types of warrior persisting - including the points expensive knights and longbows.

  My camera has not arrived yet so there are no new photos.

   Below: That looks like a formidable foe for the Bogavanians and Fezians.
I am currently making molds from gelatin and glycerin and having some success making resin figures


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