Magic Weapon and Church/Temple Rules


 These can be given to heroes, leaders and generals with a limit of three or four across all forces on one side.

  Random designation determined by D6

1/ SOUL DRAINER - reduces base to base opponents' initiative to minus 2, toughness and strength to       minus 1.

2/ 100 SWORD CUTS - Doubles Wielder's attacks

3/ HAMMER OF GODS - Doubles Strength of Wielder (+2 in Home Rules)

4/ SWORD SHIELD - 4+ invulnerable save and magic save to wielder for each potential wound

5/ FLESH EATER - Causes 2 wounds for each wound inflicted

6/ MONSTER KILLER -  Strength 10 (see Warhammer or use home rules +2)


Adds 2+ Leadership to friendly forces within 30CM or all in a castle where a church/temple is incorporated.

+1 to priest or archbishop magic ward saves (priest with unit or archbishop within 20 cm)

Priests and archbishops +1 to crumble prayers


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