Beersteiner Engineer Uniform Ugrade & Campaign Preparations

 Last post I showed the resin figure with Timpo head so here he is painted. The nose didn't fully come out and there was a hole in his chin so I built these up with Green Stuff.

  The other thing I did was to slightly change the uniform design. The epaulets are now white and yellow instead of yellow and dark blue. The other light blue trim is the Beerstein branch color for the Engineer battalion (a grand total of two figures).

  The light blue lapels are to give more of an 18th century look. I just painted them and the buttons on. The original ElastoWit figure was more of a medieval figure. I did not build up long putty tails for the coats, reasoning that engineers need less cumbersome attire.

   I reckon those high boot-gaiters will provide adequate protection in the colder climes and from the mud and grime.

I might add one or two more timber wielding figures and conversions from cowboys and others. (Lariats would be useful to represent ropes used to tie items, especially good for bridge building).

  Possibly I won't even use these figures in the next game as I have not written any rules in for them, but they would look good loading or unloading a wagon and for general odds and sods

  I enjoyed the excuse to use a copy of a Timpo head. The Timpo faces get a lot of flak for looking dorky, but I think many are quite nice, especially for having defined cheek bones. And as they are copies I have no reservations about painting them. Given the potential brittleness of original Timpo making tougher resin copies gives me the opportunity to play with them again. I'll be doing some more resin work with them in future.


 I have largely worked out the army lists for Aztecia and Beerstein whilst Mat has to work his out for Necrolia and Bogavania-Fezia.
    Aztecia really has only a two hex frontier to worry about, unless it is invaded or raided by the mysterious nation to its East, or less likely, given their history of friendship, the Patrans, also to their North. The two hex Northern frontier is where any Fezian and Bogavanian invaders will come from (Mat's armies) and the Fezian capital is not far away. On the other hand, the Aztecs could go on the offensive but they lack artillery for besieging castles

  Beerstein, however, has a very large frontier for King James the 3rd to worry about. Although Fezia and Bogavania are occupied with Aztecia there is a long border with Necrolia, to the North (controlled, for the campaign, by Mat); this is the main focus. My Beersteiners have also been building towers to alert them to the incursions from the Undead. On the other hand, the Beersteiners COULD go on the offensive. Why they would be keen to enter the cold, evil wastes of Necrolia is beyond me but you can never tell with crusaders and they still make up an important component of the Beersteiner forces.

  If that was not enough, raids from Orkland, The Hill People, Chaos, Dark Elves and the Fritz can never be ruled out. Should Beerstein put all its eggs in one basket to face the definite threat from Necrolia or should it spread itself thinner to deal with the other potential threats?

 The Bogavanians and Fezians also face potential raids from the Orks, The Silver Horde and Patra so nothing is certain.

  I am now getting out new screw drawers and spray painting them before numbering them to correspond with map hexes. Then I'll get the bits of paper with the codes for the armies they represent.

  Necrolia had fewer credits to organize its armies, but it requires only half the supplies a living army needs.  Its vampire Lord also has the opportunity of fielding a zombie dragon...ouch.


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