Results Of A Day's Foraging - Army Men And Power Claws

 Yesterday I took advantage of free rail travel to go to Melbourne. One of my stops was at Hearns Hobbies in Flinders Street in the city center. I wanted some liquid cement and certain paint colors. But the big ticket items were the power claws and SF weapons. I bought a set of power claws and a set of blasters (or whatever you want to call them). At nearly $20 each they were not cheap but they are something I'll use in my SF conversions. They are adaptable to 1/32 scale although they are meant for a smaller scale.


    The other stop was a Salvation army store in the suburbs. I have often found toy soldiers at this particular shop. I forked out $8 for three bags of plastic army men. They varied in size from around 40mm to 60mm with one smaller and one larger figure.

BELOW: size difference. Left to right are firstly, two copies of Airfix, a modern infantryman (copy of Timmee, I think), copy of Britains herald modern soldier, and another modern infantryman which I don't think was copied from an English or American maker. However this is one of the earlier ones before they were copied so many times that they lost a lot of detail and anatomy.

                             These are the smaller 40mm copies of Airfix and also of the Chinese made modern infantry. There are also some 54mm modern infantry among the pile.
               These cops are about 45mm. I didn't have these poses already. I especially like the one with a dog.
  Copies of Timmee. I don't like these at all because by the time they got to this degree of copying the faces have become compressed on most of them,

I already have some of these figures that I had as a child. I think they were made in Australia, maybe for Toltoys. I haven't measured them but they are over 70mm.
   This is one of my favorite Airfix figures, or at least a copy of it, the advancing American. He has shrunk - to about 50mm.
                                                                       Copies of Herald
    They have seen better days. one came with no head. The other broke off his base when I was transporting him in my backpack, I think they are Charbens, figures I did not have as a child but that I do like. I might repair them.

The smaller guys I might make into Gilikins for my Ozzz games.


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