Dinosaur Hunt

 Sorry it is not appearing here easily read but this is my outline for the next wargame. You should enlarge it to read it. The result will influence our fantasy campaign when it is renewed. We might also dice to see if there is a naval battle trying to return with the eggs.


  1. Looks like great rules and a fun scenario.
    You managed to embed your rules in your blogpost. I tries that as well; uploading it as a pdf in Drive, and paste the url in html-mode. Still get errors.

  2. Yes. It was actually wrong url, as the there seems to be an own url for embedded files. It seems ok now. Will post them on my blog as soon as I get around to play them and write a battle report.

  3. There are two ways have in mind for using dinosaurs. One is to give them strength, toughness, weapon skill initiative attacks etc and use the Warhammer tables that work well but are a little slower than my own. The other is to class them as mounted plate knights but with multiple wounds. The very large plant eaters will have more wounds but maybe a couple of classes down to foot knight in chain mail as they don't have the carnosaur's teeth. Dinosaurs will also, at end of combat, kill D6 humans with the Warhammer derived 'stomp' rule maybe with a bonus on top of that for the apatosaurus.


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