Old Metal Figures Arrive.

 These figures came to me from New Zealand. Another lot went missing in the NZ post, possibly die to NZ floods, but the seller, Abram, graciously reimbursed me for those.

I like getting unusual figures. Female civilians are good for village and city scenes. I also like 'ceremonial' figures with halberds as I have a future wargame use for them.

The two female musicians I'll probably be struggling for a use for. One had her drum come off but I can glue it back.. The little boy in 18th century attire will one day appear in some unknown scene.

 I have a thing for hollowcast Britains and I pick up the French and British Royal Marines when I can get them cheaply enough. The Indian looking drummer will find his way into my Fezian army as a regimental musician. The ancient Roman with hammer and nail will probably join a catapult crew (if not the crucifix crew). The badger soldier will join my beastmen Chaos troops. The assorted peasants will have various purposes such as inhabiting villages and moving wagon supplies.
             The peasant musician will join a unit of peasants. That is Romeo in red, a nice Renaissance figure.
                                 I have some wounded figures but this is my first wounded Scot.
      The two clerics will inhabit one of my toy churches in my Funny little Wars towns.
                                           The seated man in top hat could be an undertaker. The armless man in grey will get a new arm, possibly with rifle. The driver will fit into one of my WW1 type vehicles. 


  1. I am so onboard with all these guys...I love the kid in 18tg century clothes...he looks like a snobby general in the making...

  2. Some very useful figures here, Q. The clergymen and civilians are rather collectable, not sure of their make.

  3. The clergymen and civilians look good, Q. (Not sure if my first comment uploaded.)


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