More Resin Conversions From Rare & Collectible Figures

 Below is a Kellogg figure from Walt Disney. The year on the base is 1985. If anyone knows anything about the figure or the set it came with, I'd be interested to know.

  The resin copy I made failed to produce the antlers or hands. The latter I rectified but with hands facing the other way. I intend to make a few more and might use these as necromancers for my Undead army.

  The pink figure is from Monsters in My Pocket. These rubbery figures have some collectible value. I like the variety and imagination in the series. However, they are a head or two short to go with my 5mm figures.

  My first casting I made with some black paint added to the resin. The casting did not fully come out but I used the lower part to join to the original figure. I used hot glue to extend the robe. The skulls visible under the cloak are now doubled in number. I also used some air-drying clay to even the robe. The white powder is Baking Soda mixed with Super Glue to add to the bond with the card base. As the weapon did not come out, I added a new one/ I bought quite a few of these metal weapons from Amazon. They are a little oversized but work with fantasy figures like this.

  I am going to paint this figure, but I could leave it transparent to represent a spirit.


                                                       I'll be painting these in a few days.
'Anonymous' from Austria has informed me that the antler headed character is from the Disney animated movie, The Black Cauldron. Below is a still from the film. This was, apparently, one of the earliest films to include computer animation.



  1. Hello! That's the villain from the Disney Movie The Black Cauldron. Greetings from Austria!


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